Write a 2-4 pages event review (Urgent: Need it in 5 hours!)


Please write a 2-4 pages event (Poetry reading) review with MLA format.

In the midterm of the semester, I proposed to attend the reading event featuring Solmaz Sharif, who would talk about, and read poems from her book 'Look'. The origin event was scheduled to be held on Monday, February 11th, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the location of Seattle Central Community College – Broadway Performance Hall. However, the event was cancelled due to weather condition.

(Therefore, I want you to pretend that you actually went to the event and write a review!!!)

This is the event link:  https://lectures.org/event/solmaz-sharif/

I have also attached my proposal for the event, please read it for more information.

Also, you can search on Google for more information about Solmaz Sharif as well as the event.

In the review, I suggest you take a part to write about how the event offers multi-model (tactile, audio, visual, kinesthetic) of poetry and how it impacts your interpretation of the poems. For instance, reading event have the author to read the poem loudly on the stage, so it is different from using eyes to read. (I hope this make sense)

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