Write a 1800 - 2000 word paper comparing the 9/11 attacks to a recent terrorist attack that involved a Homegrown Violent Extremist


 Assume you hold the role of a security manager for a company that experienced a recent terrorist event involving a Homegrown Violent Extremist (HVE). The company is looking for insights into how this may impact the company, so upper-management has asked you to prepare information comparing the company's experience with the September 11 events. 

 Review the following link 


Research a recent terrorist event involving a HVE. 

Compare the 9/11 attacks to the recent HVE incident you chose. Consider public and private security awareness, causal factors, interagency cooperation or lack thereof, and incident response.Include the following in your paper:

  • The participants, planning, objectives, execution, and impact of the event
  • The vulnerabilities exploited during the event
  • The human and economic effects of the event
  • Post-incident countermeasures used to reduce vulnerability to a similar incident

 Include APA-formatted citations when necessary and a references

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