Introductory Assignment #1

Your Learning Style/ Keep Your Focus/ Class Etiquette/ Study Tips 

Our world is globalizing at a very rapid rate.  Thus, it is even more important now than ever before to take full advantage of what colleges have available for you, as students, to utilize for actualizing your personal, professional and, of course, academic growth.  This assignment focuses on what behaviors will help you survive and thrive in the classroom.  These same behaviors will be acceptable in the workplace as well as being expected.  It is vital we all learn to know ourselves and to respect each other, appreciating our differences and uniqueness.  This is due:  31AUG by 1159P so we can discuss it at the beginning of class TUE1SEP.

As with all assignments in order to get credit for all your hard work please remember to use the proper header and to submit your assignment via canvas email with the content of your assignment either in the body of the email or as an attachment with the file saved as a ‘word doc’. 

Before doing this assignment be sure to read the article of ‘Keeping Your Focus - AARP’ and ‘Classroom Etiquette and Tips’ in the Canvas Modules.  Be sure to take good notes.  You may use these notes during the Introductory Test.  As an added advantage you may want to look up study tips and info about different learning styles on the internet.

This assignment is worth a total of 40 pts. depending on how thorough it is. 


Under the Class Etiquette and Keeping Focused headers make two lists; one list of ‘Do’ and one list of ‘Don’t’.  After listing the Do or Don’t behavior, give a detailed reason as to why or why not that behavior is listed.  Example:

Class Etiquette

       Do  Don’t

                                                            Fall asleep in class (Why – shows you are bored or partied too

                                                            much the night before)           

Learning Styles For this part of the assignment you may use bullet points

                        Need absolute silence when studying for a test or doing assignments                                                  Take extensive handwritten notes to review later

Record a lecture and then replay it when taking notes or studying for a test

Keep your focus For this part of the assignment you may use bullet points or ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’

  • Turn cell phone off

Study Tips  For this part of the assignment you may use bullet points

  • Schedule an allotted amount of time to study each day, preferably around the same time of day.
  • 22 days ago
  • 5

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