Works Cited and Essay


Part1: Works Citied Peer Review

Attached pictures of required instructions.( It is based on the topic of the essay)

Part 2: Essay

Read each prompt below and choose one to answer. The essay must be at least five paragraphs in length ( introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion). The essay must include evidence from the texts listed in the prompt option you choose to answer.

• Prompt:

1. Using a character from Ragged Dick, analyza how well the character embodies Carol Dweck’s concept of a fixed or growth mindset as dicussed in her article, “ Brainology”. Provide three instances in which your character of choice demonstrates a fixed or growth mindset. To what degree does your character portray a fixed or growth mindset? Include evidence from both Ragged Dick and “ Brainology” to support your discussion.


1. Must be complete essay with five paragraphs .

2. Must quote from each text.

3. Must included a Works Cited page.

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