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there are 5 tasks

2 dq 

2 cases

1 assignment

discussion 4 (250 words )

Option 1: Chapter 20 Discussion Questions. Answer question 1 on page 333 in your textbook.

Discussion 4 part 2  (250 words)
Chapter 22 Discussion Questions (Data mapping). Answer questions 3 and 4 on page 369 in your textbook..

Case study: tell me which two case study you would do and I can send u the pages 

Case Study

Select two of the following case studies and address the questions:

Chapter 19

Describe: What additional information is needed to clarify what problems may exist, and what changes may be needed in terms of shared data between the institutions?
Examine: Can the EHR system currently being installed be used to share data between these institutions more effectively and securely? If yes, how would this be done?
Compile: In your position as Chief Health Informatics Specialist, how would you go about determining whether there are other potential security issues that now need to be managed by the hospital?

Chapter 20

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