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First and most important of all, we must be in this profession with both eyes open and we must want to be in this profession.  We should be coming into work to make a difference, to change archaic policies that help only select few but punishes everyone else.  We should be there to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves or are constrained by circumstances, such as those who have a criminal history but have paid their debt to society and are trying to be productive citizens or people who lack the resources or are too poor to be considered worthy of any attention.  This is sad indeed because there are so many who are working for the people, like many of our politicians, who have lost sight of what they are there for.  They are there to represent the people of their district, not decide what is best for them which seems this is all they care about.  The last thing that should be on their mind is what their job title can do for their own financial security which is odd because so many of them are millionaires.

We must be ethical with our decisions and have all things considered before making any decision that could affect the community we care for.  We must be able to remove ourselves from the picture when it deals with even ourselves.  We must not be selfish that a budget decision could make our job a bit harder but can be disastrous to an area that needs the money the most.  No matter the background we have, our religious beliefs, our political beliefs, our own views on how society should be acting towards certain situations, when we are performing our duties we should focus on helping all members of our community.  Maybe even pay a bit more attention to those that are not considered “privileged” or have special needs because when disasters strike, those are who will suffer the most.

A quality of leadership that many people forget, praise in public and criticize in private.  Even if you disagree with the decisions of your supervisors, you should not air your grievances to the public.  Sometimes it may be better to keep it to yourself.  And if those above you will not budge and want to stick to their own selfish motives, then you need to be the instrument of change.  We are public servants, and we should not forget that our needs are not more important than the needs of those we protect.

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