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The profession of nurse practitioner has evolved, with an increasingly alarming demand from patients seeking primary medical care. The practicing nursing branch does not only lead the patient on the healthiest path, but sees the patient as a holistic being, which includes the mind, body and spirit working together. Teamwork is essential in the world we live in; we are individual beings, but we cannot survive if we do not work together. As human beings we need to work together to make a society in which to live and get the best out of ourselves.

The chosen role is The Conceptual Framework of ACNP Role and Perceptions of Team Effectiveness. It was developed using cross-case analysis to describe key concepts that affect ACNP role enactment, boundary work, and perceptions of team effectiveness. The development of the conceptual framework was based on the conceptual basis of Sidani and Irvine (1999) to evaluate the role of the NP in the acute care setting and the Donabedian (1966, 2005) model of quality care that incorporates structures, processes and results.(Hamric, Anson, Tracy, & O' Grady, 2019) 

The nurse practitioner is prepared to assist individuals through complicated health care situations. Also, works as a team with referrals in teaching and coordination of care. Nurse Practitioners are expanding rapidly. They play a primordial role in patient care, assessing, diagnosing, coordinating, treating, and prescribing medications. When working under this scheme does not mean that all participants focus on the same patient situation; it is a conceptual framework in which everyone contributes something from their skills, making a better world, and receiving the best results. This is following the path to maximize the strengths of each member, getting the best of themselves and complementing it with the attributions of the others.

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