wk 9 health

  • When did you last check your breasts or testicles?  Yes!  I am serious!  When did you last check?  Tell us all.  Or did you have a concerned partner check for you?  (before things got fun).
  • Have you had a physical lately?  How did you do?
  • Do you know your family’s history of diseases?  Do you know what you should be watching out for with your health?  Are you doing something pro-active about it?
  • Do you think about healthy choices as something you should worry about when you get older, but they are not a concern right now because you are young?  Be honest on that one... most people think they are invincible at some point.

250 WORDS!!!! ONLY

  • What little steps can you make today to ensure you HAVE a tomorrow and a heathy one too?
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