You are discussing clinic renovation.

The Project Management Final Paper needs to include screenshot examples and explanations of project selection form, project scope template, work breakdown structures (WBS), and the Gantt chart created in prior weeks. Be sure to update these examples based on: (a) any new criteria presented in these instructions, (b) any feedback you received on the previous assignments, (c) any knowledge you obtained in the class, and/or (d) any additional information you obtained during your research so that your final paper can reflect project management best practices.

  • Insert a corrected and updated screenshot of your project scope template from week 2 into your final paper.
    • Be sure to use the feedback you received and what you learned in the class

  • Explain the work breakdown structure (WBS), project milestones, and the critical path.
    • Explain how these elements relate to your project’s status.
  • Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) in the Smartsheet.com 
    • Include a screenshot of the WBS as an example in your paper. (Make sure the example contains the appropriate level of details, so the reader understands the full context of the project without assuming anything.)

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    Wk 5 Final Paper

    Paper is on Clinic Renovation.

    Before starting with this final assignment, please (a) complete this week’s readings, (b) review the weekly lecture, (c) review grading rubric, (d) read the8 …