Wine and Food Pairings



A football party pairing: Your best choice of wine with-
* Spicy Buffalo Wings with Celery Sticks and Bleu Cheese
* Fudgy Brownies
* Brats on a Bun with Mustard and Chips

This is your first pairing so research what wines compliment spicy, savory and sweet foods and use that as your beginning point. A good reference is the link below. Use the type of wines studied in Week 2 to augment your research on wine/food pairings. Make sure to reference where you researched to develop your wine/food pairings in the forums.

Wine/Food Pairing Interactive Link  (


Your initial post should be at least 250 words.


Using the assigned reading for the wines that are being studied in Week 2, pair (match) a vintage with the following foods. Refer to the example in the Announcement section for layout and sample wording. Include the level of detail the "sample student" provided in her pairing.

* Smoked Salmon with Gourmet Party Crackers Topped with Cream Cheese and Capers

From the student:

I chose a Riesling to go with this appetizer because Riesling tends to go well with fish that is prepared lightly (smoked, poached, or steamed) and lemon (which I assume the salmon has a hint of). Riesling is a sweet wine and I think that it would compliment the rich flavors of cheese, the salty capers, and the salmon. Chenin Blanc is also said to go well with seafood and it has a high acidity. This one in particular has a touch of honey and a crisp finish.

Examples of wines, labels, region of origin,and year
• Swedish Hills Winery-New York Dry Riesling- 2007-Finger Lakes Region New York 18.00 (750ML)
• L"Ecole 41 Chenin Blanc "Walla Voila" 2008-Walla Walla Valley Washington State-

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