Why Study Political Science?


Initial Post Instructions
Identify why students should learn about political science. Use evidence (cite sources) to support your response from assigned readings or online lessons, and at least one outside scholarly source.

*Professor's post: Should anyone learn about political science?  My answer is yes, but that should not come as a surprise!  

The main reason why I say yes is neatly summarized in these words in your text: "politics is a pervasive fact of life."  (Magstadt, 2)  Political science is the study of politics.  If politics is indeed a "pervasive fact of life," then we ought to be interested in political science.  So, is "politics a pervasive fact of life?"  Am I right when I say that politics impacts every facet of your life? Does it impact where you liveLinks to an external site., what you drive, where you walk your dogLinks to an external site., and more?


My contention in my original post was that political science is important because it is the study of politics, which itself is important because it impacts everyone's lives in a million different ways.  Is that true? 

Do you encounter politics if you are treated at a hospital?  If you work at one?  If so, how exactly?

And when else do you encounter politics?

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