White Collar Crimes & Advance Seminar


  Unit 5 Discussion: Data

Taking into consideration of your data for your research:

  • Did you utilize a spreadsheet or database? 
  • What made you choose one over the other?

  • How do you plan on organizing the data to be reflected in your project?
  • Unit 5.1 DB1: Financing Terror ArticleAfter reading the first article in Unit 5 answer the following question:What actions local and state law enforcement, along with local and state financial institutions do to combat this problem?

  • Unit 5 DB2: Hawala ArticleAfter completing the reading assignment for Unit 5 on Hawala, discuss your reaction to the practice and what you believe law enforcement should do to the end the practice, if anything at all.

300 words per discussion

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  • In a minimum of400words,explain the USA PATRIOT ACTof2001.Specifically explain what it is,the dangers that it protectsandprovide a real-life …