What does social change mean to Walden graduate students?



10 PAGES. 

What social change means to Walden students only.

It is to include a problem statement about needing to understand social change.

the purpose is to understand what social change means to Walden graduate students. 

And the RQ, as directed in the Week 7 materials in the course. What does social change mean to Walden graduate students? The data to be discussed are the social change videos we watched in class, the Walden social change website, and the peer interview. Follow the outline provided in the announcements, that I created based on the rubric. 

The RQ is provided in Week 7, so go back and check that material. Use the RQ provided and write a Purpose Statement that aligns, as well as a Problem Statement focused on the need for social change.

Also, remember that the data for this assignment consist of the peer interview, videos we watched in the discussions, and reviewing the Walden social change website. This paper is focused on understanding social change NOT your own topic.

Please follow the rubric and the template, and essentially ensure that you are including each of these headings/topics:


Problem Statement

Purpose Statement


HINT: the RQ should be phrased: What is the meaning of social change for Walden

graduate students? Use this RQ. Write a purpose statement that aligns with this (see

my Announcement on Alignment), and write a problem statement that aligns as well.

Role of the Researcher

HINT: Be sure to mention that you, as a qualitative researcher, are the data collection

instrument, among the other instruments involved in the study.

Data Sources


Data Analysis

HINT: You have multiple sources of data here, but think about coding for the purpose

and RQ only. It is not necessary to code for EVERYTHING. Code for ideas related to your RQ. Also, consider all of the data, from different sources, together as THE data for your research. Code them together, big-picture, instead of coding one source of data independent from the others.


HINT: Your themes need to answer the RQ.

Trustworthiness: (a) credibility, (b) transferability, (c) dependability, and (d) confirmability.

HINT: Discuss each of these and provide sources as well as indicated how you addressed them in your study.


Again, please WATCH THIS VIDEO on course assignments.


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