what color is your hat part III


You are hired at a critical infrastructure organization (e.g.,   health care, legal, financial) and your first task is to conduct a   penetration test from the white hat or black hat perspective. Select a   publicly-traded organization of your choice within the industry of   your choosing. Prepare a mini summary report of the findings to   include proposed recommendations to be reviewed by executive   leadership roles. Within the report, make sure to address the   following by using academic and current (within 2 years) sources:

  1. Evaluate how susceptible the business infrastructure is to     certain kinds of attack and how to prevent this (such as models of   countermeasures).
  2. Assess the potential impact to the business     and operations if a malicious attacker were to succeed.
  3. Provide evidence to support increased security technology   needs.
  4. Suggest security best practices that the organization     should follow.
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