Weekly Assignment #4


Mrs. B is admitted to your acute care facility for treatment of multiple pressure ulcers. She has a stage IV pressure ulcer on her R.heel. a stage II on her L hip and another stage III on her sacrum. The wounds have shown little or no improvement over the last three weeks and the stage II on her L hip developed in the last few days. The area below the R heel wound is cyanotic, and amputation may be required. Her temperature has been consistently running around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. She is on antibiotic treatment for infection in the heel wound.
Mrs. B is a long time resident in a long-term care facility due to a diagnosis of progressive Parkinson’s disease. Her weight has dropped by 12 pounds in the past month and by 25 over the past three months. Her appetite is poor. She is a dependent feeder and often will refuse her meals. Mrs. B is unable to walk and can only get into her wheelchair with assistance. The physician has ordered a dietary consult to determine whether a tube feeding is appropriate. A visit to the patient shows an alert, responsive individual. Mrs. B states that “she is eating all she can” and that she is “just not very hungry”. She has previously signed medical papers declining any artificial feeding.

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