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Flour-Is-Us v. Clarence: Breach of Contract

In Week 1, on behalf of your client Clarence Holden, you drafted an offer letter to Flour-Is-Us, with the terms of the contract for sale. In Week 2, you drafted a contract between the parties, i.e., Clarence Holden and Flour-Is-Us, incorporating the desire of the parties based on the facts. In Week 3, you assessed Clarence Holden’s duties as the insured and the possibility of getting Flour-Is-Us to be the defendant in the case. In Week 4, you analyzed how conditions outside the control of a party can affect a party's existing contract.

Flour-Is-Us has sued Clarence's company for breach of contract. They are seeking the remainder of the amounts they would have received under the contract.

Under the supervision of your attorney, review the petition from Flour-Is-Us and draft an answer of 500–800 words to the petition, including any affirmative defenses or counter claims Clarence may have.

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