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Discussion Question 1: E-contract: Mandates on Venue or Jurisdiction

Your law firm drafts a contract for the purchase of assets from Firm A for a client. The client’s primary place of business is in New York state. Firm B has a principal place of business in Florida. The contract is an e-contract requiring an electronic signature; the contract will be “signed” in Florida. If there is no clause in the contract mandating venue or jurisdiction, in what state(s) may the parties sue and why?

Support your answer with reason and relevant examples.

Discussion Question 2: Articles 2 and 2A of the UCC

For contracts, UCC articles 2 and 2A are the most relevant sections of the code. However, there are key differences between the two articles. What are the major differences between Article 2 and

Article 2A of the UCC? Describe a scenario that would employ both Article 2 and Article 2A of the UCC.

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