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Read the transcript attached: What is culture.doc 

A dynamic relationship exists between your health and your unique culture and diversity.   Think about how your culture is related to your health.   Next, think about health problems that people similar to you seem to experience.  For example, if you are female, breast cancer is a problem more likely to be experienced by other females.    A dynamic relationship also exists between health problems and culture.

1. What are some of the cultural values you associate with health?  For example, teaching children to eat healthy.  How do your values relate to your culture’s value system?  In this example, our culture is emphasizing the importance of parents teaching their children healthy eating habits.  Think of your own answers to this question and write them here.

2.  What are some health problems that people similar to you (in age, ethnicity, SES, etc) tend to have.  Name several.  Look up information on the Internet if you need ideas.

3. Are any of the health problems you looked up considered health disparities?  You may need to research this info on the Internet also.  Describe and defend why (or why not) the problems are health disparities. 

4. Choose a group that is different from you in some way (in age, ethnicity, SES, etc).  Look up information on the Internet about health disparities in this group.  Describe the disparities that you found here.

Your posting must be at least 225 words.

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