Art-Friendly Classroom Presentation [due Mon]

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  1. Research shows that young children flourish when their studies include the arts. Actually “doing” art offers important life skills (such as observing and describing) and is a means of self-expression, which can lead to self-knowledge and self-confidence. Providing students with an art-friendly physical space and learning environment is key to a successful arts integration program. In this assignment, you will work with your Learning Team to determine what an art-friendly environment looks and feels like. 

    Create 1- to 2-slide presentation about creating an art-friendly classroom in an early childhood classroom setting. 
    Address the following components in your plan:

    • Student workspaces -Provide descriptions for each component that depict an art-friendly classroom environment.  

      Include a drawing of the physical arrangement. You may draw it by hand or use an online classroom builder. If you draw by hand, scan and submit the plan. If you use an online classroom builder, submit a screenshot or a link to the plan.

      Submit the Team assignment. 

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