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Topic: Correlations, ANOVA, and Multiple Regression

Application of Concepts

  • How does linear regression differ from analysis of variance?
  • Using the Jerry Falwell Online Library, find 2 research studies related to public policy that use linear regression. Include the title of the study and a citation, then answer the following questions for each study (hint: you can probably use articles that you cited in your annotated bibliography earlier in the course):
    • What is one independent variable? What is the dependent variable?
    • If there is more than one independent variable, what argument does the researcher make that these variables are independent of one another?
    • Which of the two studies seems to present the least convincing evidence that the dependent variable is predicted by the independent variable? Why?
  • Finally, using your Salkind text, Chapter 16, respond to parts a, b, and c of question 5 on pages 290 and 291.

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