Week 7 Journal (for Noor Fatima)

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Reading Assignment:

· Denhardt and Denhardt, The New Public Service, Serving Not Steering, Chapter 8, pages 144-160. Go to link: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin

· The Leadership Challenge (3rd Edition), Kouzes. James M. and Barry Z. Posner, Chapters 1 and 2. See attached PDF

· Chapter One (pages 7-15), Leadership that matters, Marshall and Molly Sashkin. See attached PDF


Journal Discussion

Choose a topic from the lesson/readings that interests you and write a journal entry that is double-spaced, two pages in length. Be sure to clearly identify what topic you've chosen to write about.  Describe the new awareness and knowledge gained from the readings and lesson. Explain what the topic chosen in this week's lesson/readings meant to you.

Note: The topic is “Transformational Leadership”

Use APA Guidelines to format your paper. Also use in-text citation and reference

You can begin the introduction to something like this: After going through this week’s lesson and readings, I realized that  Leadership is changing in many ways, and we should be attentive to those changes.

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