Week 7 Assignment 3


Part I

Using one of the three research-based reading strategies that you proposed last week, you will develop and present a plan that can be implemented over a three-year period to improve the literacy performance for 3rd and 4th graders at North Street Elementary School. You already have the strategies and research, which you submitted in your Week 6 assignment (be sure to incorporate any feedback from your instructor about that submission into this assignment - I will send this after week 6 grade). For this plan, you will need to add:

  • Reasonable and measurable student growth goals for each year of the three-year time period. For example, your goals might be something like Year 1: 10 percent overall growth in literacy scores, Year 2: 20 percent overall growth in literacy scores, et cetera. Also, be sure that you provide a rationale for the goals you have selected.

Part II

After creating the goals and identifying tools, you have completed your plan. Next, your plan will be explained in a PowerPoint presentation, which is intended to be delivered to your principal and parents during a PTA meeting. The specific guidelines for your presentation are as follows:

  • You will need 1–2 slides that discuss the data trends and reading performance issues.
  • You will need three slides that discuss your proposed strategies (one for each strategy).
  • You will need 1–2 slides that discuss your supporting research.
  • You will need three slides that discuss your Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 goals and the rationale for that goal (one slide for each).

Instructor Feedback From from Week 3 Assignment to apply here:

Also, remember that both the paper and the PPT slides requires a cover page and a reference page. And, although I see that you included the cover page and the reference page in the PPT slide presentation I did not see them on the one-page brief document.

For graduate-level paper, try avoiding using bullet points but rather use the "essay style format" when writing papers. 

However, 3 or 4 bullets are okay when preparing PPT slides because of the limited space in the slide. 

Food for thought!

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