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Signature Assignment: Family and Community Art Event [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Providing opportunities and strategies for families to be involved in their child’s education is an important aspect of being an early childhood educator. Engaging and empowering families to participate in the education process promotes student learning and achievement and can be accomplished in creative ways. In this assignment, you will plan a family and community art event to promote arts integration in your school.

    Research ideas for involving family and community in early childhood arts education. Be creative with the type of event you select and consider your community and the best option for the families who reside there. Some suggestions to consider are:
    • Family Art Day
    • Classroom Art Party
    • Lunchtime Art Class
    • Art Festival
    • Family Art Night
    • Write a 700- to 875-word plan for a family and community art event to be held at your school. Complete the following in your plan:
    • Explain the type of event selected and how it aligns to the community’s needs. 
    • Describe the roles of the stakeholders involved in planning, hosting, and the follow-up for the event.
    • Present activities that will be offered for families and students at the event. 
    • Formulate a list of home extension activities for families that support early childhood arts education.
    • Explain the preparations, materials, and resources needed for the event.
    • Justify the effectiveness of this type of event for involving family and community in early childhood arts education.
    • Generate a directory of community-based resources and activities related to art (e.g. museums, art galleries, art classes, etc.) to share with families. 
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