Week 4 Talk



1. You are to work alone to analyze and prepare answers/solutions for the following questions and/or case studies. The text should be your primary source of information for this assignment. 

Do not copy answers from other internet sites. This is plagiarism when you use another person’s answers rather than preparing your own submission. The university license agreement for an online text matching service called Turnitin. 

This tool may be used to evaluate the originality of student papers in this course. Other services and techniques may also be applied to evaluate your work for evidence of appropriate authorship practices as needed.

2. Consolidate your response into one file for submission. 

You will have to import Excel spread sheets and graphs into your Word documents. 

Chapter 7

Be the Manager – Questions 1 through 3. (pg. 253)

Chapter 8

Be the Manager – Questions 1 through 3. (pg. 289)

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