Week 4 Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

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1. Readings

(a)   TEXT: Law Enforcement Ethics: Chapter 7 & 9, Here is the link: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin

2. View the micro lecture.

3. Weekly Student Posting forum - post your response to 

Weekly Student Posting Forum

 In approximately 700 words (at a minimum), single space and 2 pages, create and post your response to the following questions:

(1) Is law enforcement misconduct indicative of bad apples or a bad barrel? 

(2) What is "marginality" and how does it impact law enforcement?

(3) How does "marginality" contribute to the creation of a bad barrel? (provide examples) 

(4) Describe two ethical dilemmas in law enforcement and how they should be handled. 

(5) In your planned audit (Research Paper), what are the statements you will use to clearly state any conflicts of interest that you have in the audit for full purposes of disclosure (if any)? If no conflicts, why not?

Please use in-text citation and references


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