Week 4 Diversity and Leadership


Almost immediately after the tragedy, Arabs and Muslims as well as those “________________” to be Arab or Muslim, were subject to crude forms of ___________ _________________.

As a result of the actions of 911 by terrorist, Congress swiftly passed the __________   ________________ Act.

The various efforts by the U.S. Government, even while it claims not to discriminate against Arabs or Muslims, ____________________ these communities.

As belonging to two places becomes increasingly common, we need ________________ to social issues that no only recognize, but also take advantage of these ___________________ connections.

A “Gujarati Dream” is a representation of immigrants who earn income in the U.S. and send money back home to help build one’s native community/family.

Social scientists have long been interested in how newcomers become American.

Voting is not an important sign of citizenship, yet before 2008, a very low percentage of citizens actually voted.

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