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Scenario: You have seen a social media post from a friend that makes some insensitive and inaccurate comments about a social inequality. You have decided to write a response to that post.

Identify a social inequality that exists in the United States today to address in this assignment (inequalities in economics and work, law and justice, or health and illness are discussed in the textbook).

Write a 175- to 525-word response to your friend to inform them about the social inequality. Include the following in your response:

  • Discussion of what was insensitive or inaccurate about your friend’s comments
  • What you believe are the causes and effects of the social inequality
  • What you believe are ways to deal with the social inequality
  • Include other information that demonstrates your perspective on the social inequality. You can search the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information.

Submit your assignment.

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