Week 4


 Need the assignment done please follow the directions for this assignment it need to be done in the Perzi for the powerpoint no exceptions. 

Mentoring Program Presentation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Develop a minimum 5-slide Prezi presentation featuring a self-created mentoring program that addresses the academic, physical, and emotional well-being of young children from diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds.

    Include the following:
    • Name of the program
    • Purpose of the program? How does it support children?
    • How is a child admitted into the program?
    • What are the age groupings within the program? How many children will be served?
    • Who are staff members in the program?
    • How are mentors selected to work with children? Are background checks done on each potential mentor?
    • What are the daily hours?
    • How will your program be funded?

Submit the team assignment.


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