Week 3 Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

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1. Readings: Kania & Davis, CH 5 & 6 https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/signin

                    Jones, CH 3 & 6 this is located in the kindle app

Information regarding reading the book on kindle: This book doesn’t identifies the chapters by number. The best way to identify chapters 1, 2, 3, etc.. is do the following. You should see the table of contents tab to your far left. Click on the cover tab. You should see the front of the book. Move your mouse around so you can see the right and left error. Click the right error to continue the next page in the chapter. Once you get to the table of contents page, you will section 1 strategy and under it, you will see words in bold blue letters. Accuracy, Crisis Management, Ethics, etc. These are your chapters. Accuracy is Chp 1, Crisis Management is Chp 2 and so on. This is how to determine the different chapters. 

2. Read articles and Micro-lectures readings (see attached document)

3. Read the articles: FBINAA.ORG re Body-worn Cameras & Complaints against cops fell with body cams...", Broken Windows/Stop & Frisk Theories and SFGATE article-Oakland use of force declines (see attached documents)

4. In addition to micro lecture and articles posted, read article "Oakland Police Dept. Use of Force declines" listed below (it is also posted without graphs in week 3):


Assignment Response Question:  

· How can policies be used in Law Enforcement agencies effectively within their organizational structure to continually build trust with the public?

Note: The paper must be a minimum of 850 words following the APA format, time romans, 12 fonts and double space. Your response must align with the readings as the previous class. Also, please add some of your experience or knowledge as well or you opinion and validate your response with citations. 

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