Week 3 discussion 2


1. Pollution due to smoke is a big problem in many communities. This problem is more prominant in indoor places which do not have good ventilation. Smoke inhalation could cause big health problems for those who have respiratory issues. The best way to take care of smoke in our homes is to make sure to have a good air circulation through the home. do you think that gereral population is aware of the problems related to smoke inhalation?
2. Clean air is necessary for our survival and we should pay special attention to it. the problem is that the air could be polluted but the particulates are not visible to naked eye and we assume that air is clean and breathable. Most of the air pollution is related to human activities on earth by driving cars, producing products which create hazardous fumes which is related to air. As population increase the quality of air is diminished and there will be more pollutants in air. We should be aware of our surroundings and be aware of the fact that air pollution could have long consequence to our health. What do you think it should be done to make sure that people are aware of the air quality issues and understand the importance of clean air?

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