Week 3 discussion



Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

  • Watch the Ashford University Library’s Scholarly & Popular Resources (Links to an external site.)
  • Visit the Week 3 section of the GEN104 LibGuide in the library. You will find a selection of articles grouped in sets. Each article in the set will cover the same topic but from a different source.
    • For instance, one article may come from a popular magazine while the other comes from an academic journal.
  • Browse through the sets of articles.
  • Choose one set to read and write about.



Consider your experience reading each article in that set. For instance, think about whether any of the articles were more difficult to read than the others, which ones were more engaging, and what you did to make sure you read and understand the entire group of articles.



In at least 300 words, address the following:

  • Describe which set of articles you read and have chosen to write about. Why did you choose that set? Which other sets did you browse through?
  • Explain which strategy you used for each article in the set and why you choose that strategy.
  • Discuss any changes you made in your approach to reading these articles—you often have to change the way you read based on what you are reading.
  • Identify which article of the set was most difficult to read and explain why.
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