Week 3



Population Genetics

1. Visit https://sepuplhs.org/high/sgi/teachers/evolution_act11_sim.html 

2. Click “Next”

3. Select the following characteristics of your choice for Bird 1: Plumage, Body Size, Beak. 

4. Click “Next Bird”

5. Repeat for Birds 2 and 3.

6. Click “Next”. 

7. Read the text and Click “Continue”.

8. Read the text and respond to the question:


Of those that you selected, how fit do you think each   phenotype is in the current environment?

9. Click “Continue”

10. Read the text and click “Close”

11. Click “Start”

12. The simulation will run and then stop at strategic intervals to tell you new information. Each time it stops, read the text, make any observations, and then click “Resume”.

13. Repeat until you reach the end of the simulation (500,000 years passed).

14. Click “Continue”. 

15. Observe the information and read the text. Answer the following questions:


Were your ideas about the fitness of each phenotype you   selected correct? Explain.

16. If you would like, you may continue the simulation. However, you may now end the simulation if you choose. 

17. Consider your readings from this week about Evolution and Population of species. 


How do your observations relate to the readings from this   week?

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