Week 2 H


1. Discuss the difficulties in measuring the intelligence of machines.
Excerise questions

 In 2017, McKinsey & Company created a five-part video

titled “Ask the AI Experts: What Advice Would You Give to Executives About AI?” View the video and summarize the advice given to the major issues discussed. (Note: This is a class project.)

5.Watch the McKinsey & Company video (3:06 min.) on today’s drivers of AI at youtube.com/ watch?v=yv0IG1D-OdU and identify the major AI drivers. Write a report.

15. Explore the AI-related products and services of Nuance Inc. (nuance.com). Explore the Dragon voice recogni- tion product.

Discussion question

Create a discussion thread (with your name) and answer the following question:
Discussion (Chapter 2): Discuss the process that generates the power of AI and discuss the differences between machine learning and deep learning.


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