Week 2


1.  Briefly Summarize the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment. Are the implications of the results still current today?  Should they be relied on to make patrol allocation and distribution decisions in modern cities and communities?  Why or why not?  Fully explain your position.

The complete study may be found here https://blueravenintelligence.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Kansas-Patrol.pdf but should not be used as one of your references.

2.  In 1982, Kelling and Wilson proposed the famous "Broken Windows" theory that resulted in many changes in police patrol emphasis.  Recent studies have resulted in some professional disagreement with the original theory.  Again, using recent academic references, briefly discuss the theory and whether you believe it should be considered valid for police resource utilization.

Minimum length is 350 words for initial posts 

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