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One of the topics we covered last week was the legal aspects of the Fashion Industry.

As discussed in the text, current textile designs and prints are protected by copyright, but apparel designs (designs of the garment itself) are not protected in the United States under copyright law.

  • Do you think apparel designs should also be covered under copyright law?  If so, why?  If not, why not?
  • Without copyright protection for apparel designs, how can fashion companies protect their styles and looks?  How can designers and top brands stand out when knock-offs can be produced by fast fashion companies so quickly today?

Please Note: 

  • Be sure to follow the rubric guidelines; you should create one substantive initial response to the the discussion prompt.
  • Please be sure to post your own thoughts.  If you do utilize research or quote from your research, you do need to properly cite that material, in APA format
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