Week 13


read Chapter 13 and answer the following: 

1. what is meant by Domestic Policy?

2. Answer 1,2,3, and 4 under " Chapter Goals", p.408. Write out questions and then answer> Answers are to be completed ad submitted under Assignment Tool.

3. What are some of the techniques of Public Control?

4. discuss three Regulatory policies.

5. What are Redistributive policies?

6. Should Government intervene in the economy? why or why not? Justify your answer.

7. How can the cycle of poverty be broken? Cite examples.

8. Is the Government responsible for Housing te poor or homwless? why or why not? Cite examples.

9. Identify/define the following:

a. Medicaid

b. Medicare

c. Contributory Programs

d. Social Security

e. redistribution

f. Supplementary Nutrition assistance Program (SNAP)

g. Noncontributory programs

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