Week One Quiz

I. The following are six major lifespan development theories discussed in the text. Match the name of the theory with the description.

A. Psychoanalytic

B. Behaviorism and Social Learning

C. Piaget’s Cognitive-Developmental 

D. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

E. Evolutionary Psychology

F. Ecological Systems 

____  Seeks to understand the adaptive value of cognitive, emotional, and social competencies.

____  Argues that children actively construct knowledge as they manipulate and explore their world, claiming that there are four distinct stages of development.

____  Studies the relationship between changes in the brain and a person’s cognitive processing and behavior patterns.

____  Views the person as developing within a system of relationships affected by the environment; for example, home, school, neighborhoods, and culture.

____  Emphasizes objective, observable environmental influences on overt behavior; nurture is more important than nature.

____  Suggests that unconscious forces act to determine personality and behavior. This is a belief that people move through qualitatively changes as they mature. Examples include psychosexual stages and psychosocial stages.

II. Describe the major principles of a lifespan development theory, in 200-300 words.

III. You hypothesize that there is a relationship between playing violent video games and violent behavior. Using a research method from the text, discuss how you might find out whether your hypothesis is accurate, in 300-400 words.

IV. You have curly hair. Your mother and father have straight hair. Explain how this is possible based on the concept of dominant and recessive inheritance, in 200-300 words.

V. Jordan is an exceptional athlete. Explain how his athletic abilities were influenced by heredity and environment in 200-300 words.

VI. Cindy is 16 and pregnant. Given what you know about a teenager’s lifestyle, what potential teratogens—environmental agents that cause damage during the prenatal period—might influence fetal development? Describe the five teratogens.






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