Germen - Week 1 Discussion - Levitt Imperial Message


Please read Levitt's "The Golobalization of Markets" and Kafka's "An Imperial Message."

1. Please explain in your words the meaning of Levitt's metaphor "the earth is flat." (50-80 words)

2. Kafka's short text has been interpreted in many ways.  After reading Levitt (and including your own ideas about globalization) try to read it as a text that deals critically with the promises and dangers of globalization.  (150-200 words) You might consider questions like Who or what might the Emperor be? What are the messages (the one given by the Emperor and the received by the dreamer)? Who is represented by the strong messenger? Who is represented by the “humble subject?” What is the meaning of the spatial and temporal obstacles in the parable?  Or you might address your own ideas regarding globalization while considering Kafka's text.

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