Web Store Design Layout Project 3 (Amanda Smith)

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Each week builds on itself in order to help you to design a web store  layout.  When you are submitting this week, only submit this week's  portion.  This week you will continue to research and thoughtfully  develop your web store.  The questions/topics below will help you to  begin the process. 

In a Word .doc, write and essay answering/discussing each of the question/topics below.  Make sure to include references.

2.5 pages

1.  Establish your web store's business continuity plan by outlining a  procedure to recover from a disaster and reestablish operations. (slide 3  & 4) 

2. Establish your web store's security policy. (slide 4, 5, 7)

3.  Write the content for a security and privacy page to communicate that  your store understands customer concerns and explains how you will go  about protecting their information. (slide 5 & 6)

4. List all  of the points during the transactions process when your site will  communicate with the customer in order to keep them in the loop.

5. List risks to your web store data.  Indicate the likely hood for  each.  Then list strategies to mitigate the risks.  Include cost and  decide whether that strategy is worth the cost. (slide 2 & 4)

6. Note the important questions to ask when choosing a merchant account and payment gateway provider?  (slide 8 & 9)

7. Note the charges that credit card companies charge merchants?   What are the alternatives?  Which would you choose and why?  (slide 10)


Use prior paper for topic: SEE LINK BELOW


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