Web and Database Applications


1- Term Project

We will be creating a website for a conference over the term of this class. Every

week we will build new features and add them to the site. The conference will

accept registrations to the general conference, accept workshop session signups,

and accept meal choices.

Steps for Completing the Assignment

1. Decide on the nature of the conference. (e.g. Company conference? Training


2. The conference will have three sessions, each containing three workshops.

There will be nine workshops total. Please use descriptive titles, not single letter

or single word titles. These titles will be used later in the course when working

on string manipulation.


Submit a single page document containing the following information:

• Conference Theme

• Three sessions of workshops, each session will contain three workshops. 

2- Responsive Design

Given the results of the browser discussion in week 1, how do we code sites for all the different platforms? One option is to try to determine what browser is being used, but that is not an exact science. Instead, developers focus on creating "responsive" sites.

What is responsive design? How is it accomplished? (in general terms) What is meant by the phrase "content is like water"?


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