Class, Carrns (2019) reported that Social Security Administration fraudulent telephone scammers are on the rise getting close to the huge Internal Revenue Service (IRS) fraudulent telephone scammers. I do not answer calls where I do not know the person or organization calling. If a message is left, then I listen to it. The first IRS telephone fraud call message was so compelling, I called back (don’t do this). I was threatened and told to go to a nearby grocery store to wire transfer money. I said I would not do that and the scammer hung up. I got the IRS phone number from IRS.gov and told my story. The IRS representative said that they never call and threaten people.  The Carrns (2019) publication below is interesting. Read it and share your reactions. Anyone?

Carrns, A. (2019, May 3). Latest rash of scam calls come from ’Social Security.’ New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/03/your-money/scam-calls-social-security-irs.html?searchResultPosition=2

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