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Discussion Prompt #1

Introduce yourself to the other students within this course. Include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over.

Discussion Prompt #2

Find recent evidence in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications on how companies are expanding the use of different techniques to understand and impact consumer behavior. Assume you are running your own small business, how do you apply the different techniques that you have learned to identify and understand your target consumers?

Suggested Reading

"How Technology Helps Retailers Tap Into Consumer Behavior" (https://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2014/08/13/technology-helps-retailers-tap-into-consumer-behavior-video/#27ff46b67149)by David Trites

"The Rewired Company" (https://deloitte.wsj.com/cio/2013/06/04/the-rewired-customer/) by Jonathan Copulsky and Christine Cutten

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