VII Research Paper Complete


Research Paper Topic:

Communication in Community Mental Health Practice 


In this unit, you will be completing your research project. Using the   outline you completed in Unit II and the resources and information from the   annotated bibliography in Unit III, compose your final research paper.   Remember, from earlier units, that your paper should be focused on public   health and include biostatistics-related content, including information   related to the following elements learned in the course:

population and sample size;

hypothesis testing;

research instruments;

statistical tests and results;

multivariable methods, including the principles of these methods;

examples of dependent and independent variables; and

any other pertinent issues related to course material.

Be sure to include an introduction section that gives the topic and   purpose of your paper and a final section that includes any recommendations   and your conclusion of the topic. If you need to brush up on writing an   introduction and conclusion, click here for a tutorial on introductions and   conclusions created by the CSU Writing Center. Click here for a printable version of the tutorial   with a transcript.

The final paper must be at least five pages in length, and you must   use at least the five resources included in your annotated bibliography.   Additional resources may be used if needed. Any information from a resource   must be cited and referenced in APA format, and your paper must be formatted   in accordance with APA guidelines. 

See attached study guide for reference materials. 

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