Variation Reduction and Statistics

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This assignment is to apply the quality tools for solving problems, 6 problems with a total of 40 points. You’ll show the details of your calculation, draw a diagram, and answer questions. If you draw the diagrams by hand you can scan and attach as a file.

 1. Using the following sample data below and attachment for reference, calculate the mean, mode, median, min., max, standard deviation, and range

 1.116 1.116 1.133 1.117 1.124   

1.119 1.119 1.121 1.128 1.122   

1.122 1.125 1.121 1.136 1.127  

 1.125 1.124 1.122 1.125 1.123   

1.118 1.123 1.122 1.122 1.119   

Note: Excel Spreadsheet also has a function for finding these values; mean (average), mode, median, min, max, standard deviation (stdev), and range

Top menu, click “Formulas”, then “Insert Function” (on your far left), then you will see a box. Select a category, “Statistical” from a drop-down menu.

2. If the average wait time is 12 minutes with a standard deviation of 3 minutes, determine the percentage of patrons who wait less than 15 minutes for their main course to be brought to their tables

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