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The reading for this week, chapter 19, is focused on education. The first reading in it is Andrew Delbanco's essay "A College Education: What Is Its Purpose?" Please notice how he addresses the question "What is College For?"  first by discussing what other people in this debate have argued (on page 464), then he presents three arguments for the importance of college: improving people's lives, making people better citizens, and giving people the tools to enjoy life. After reading this article please tell us in your primary post (of at least 300 words) what the value of a college education is to you. Your views may agree or disagree with the author's but please fully explain your answer and provide reasons and examples where needed

Current Issues and Enduring Questions, by  Sylvan Barnet (Links to an external site.), Hugo Bedau (Links to an external site.), John O'Hara (Links to an external site.) ISBN 1319035477, edition 11.   Book Not Furnish

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