Topic:US politics

Type of paper: Argumentative essay

Discipline: Political science : Political Science

Format or citation style: MLA


This is the cite for hte federalists #84paper:

For this essay you will have to read Federalist #84.
In Federalist #84, Alexander Hamilton, using the alias Publius, addresses a number of remaining issues regarding the proposed Constitution. The location of a seat of government, national debt and cost of government all receive some minor treatment by Hamilton in this essay, but the bulk of this essay (the first 12 paragraphs) focuses on the Bill of Rights. Hamilton is opposed to the proposed Bill of Rights. As were several other “founding” contributors to the Constitution. He even goes so far as to say that Bill of Rights are dangerous. What do you think?

For this essay I would like you to take a side: was Hamilton right about the Bill of Rights being an unnecessary and/or even a dangerous proposal?

Be sure to reference elements of the Federalist #84 essay in your response and use other historic/current events to support your argument.

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