US histoy


answer those 3 prompts in Essays separately.

each essay should answer the prompt enough so word limit between ( 200-500 words) 

need it in 3 hours


1. Western expansion was a significant undertaking. How did Americans conceptualize the region of the Trans Mississippi West in order to justify settling the region? How did rail aid this movement and what ultimately happened to the indigenous people there?

2. Compare and contrast the views of Social Darwinism, the Ideology of Success, the Gospel of Wealth, and Laissez-faire. What do they all have in common and in what ways are they different? Who came up with these ideas? Explain what segments of society identified with each ideology and why each had a popular appeal in America in the late nineteenth century.

3. Between 1877 and 1900 certain factors converged to produce a clear American foreign policy. Discuss those factors and how Josiah Strong, Frederick Jackson Turner and Alfred T. Mahan contributed to this. Cite examples of American Manifest Destiny and the New American Imperialism in the Caribbean, Latin America or the Pacific to demonstrate how they were reflected in America’s move toward a coherent foreign policy.

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