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After reading the selection, develop an essay with three parts. In each part, you will explore "A Modest Proposal" in a slightly different way.Part 1: Explain the various literary techniques and conventions utilized by the author to accomplish his purpose.Part 2: Although the main premise of this short story is absurd, reflect on the author’s ability to incorporate an argument based on logic, emotion, or ethical appeal. List examples with an explanation.  Part 3: Include your reaction to the selection, and based on your reaction, how would you predict the outcome and reaction of people living during this time period who read the selection?

Criteria for This Assignment

Length and Formatting Requirements

  • Five to six pages, double spaced
  • Time New Roman, 12-point font
  • Works Cited page
  • In-text citations

Content Requirements

  • Divide your essay into three parts.
  • Part 1 should address literary techniques and include specific examples.
  • Part 2 should address the logical, emotion, and ethical appeals used in "A Modest Proposal" and include specific examples.
  • Part 3 should address your reaction and the reactions of Swift's readers at the time of its publishing.
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