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James D. McKeen, Heather A. Smith, IT Strategy: Issues and Practices, Third Edition. Pearson, 2015, ISBN-13


Review chapter 5 of the course text.


What are the recommendation for improving business-IT communication?

Do you agree with the list? 

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  • Discussion topic:Improving System Development Productivity

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    research paper

    Review Chapter 2of the course text.

    Discuss the four critical success factors for developing IT strategy.

    250 words properly APA formated along with citations and references

  • Review chapter 7 in the course text.

    In your own words, discuss the recommendations for creating an effective shared services.

    Note: Need an 400 words with apa format.

    Please find the below attached …

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    Review chapter 19 in the course text, in your own words, discuss the practical steps for developing a technology roadmap.

  • Please go through complete instructions before providing the answer.

  • Please go through instructions document before providing answers

  • 1) Go through week3 - Homework document to find questions.

    2) For Case Study Sample assignment is attached, please see the format.

    3) Textbook is also attached here

    Text Book …

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    Case study

    IFG - starts in page 261 of attached textbook

  • Review chapter 10 of the course text.
    In your own words, discuss the actions that could lead to the development of effective risk management capabilities.

    Review chapter 11 of the course text.
    In …

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    bhar case study

    Read the Consumerization of Technology at IFG Case Study on pages 239-242 in the textbook. Answer the Discussion Questions at the end of the Case Study. Your responses must be complete, detailed and …