In this assignment, you will be working with an assigned team to create infographics for the study of beef, poultry, cheeses, and eggs. On your infographics, you should include information on the classifications, preparation, storage, and grading of beef, poultry, cheeses, and eggs. Your infographic will be graded for the following items:

  1. Preparation methods for beef, poultry, cheeses, and eggs

Use PowerPoint® slides to create your infographics. You should include 2–3 slides of information for each topic (beef, poultry, cheeses, eggs). See the example of an infographic below, or do a web search for “infographics” for ideas.

Please complete your assignment using professional college-level writing skills, including following APA guidelines for citations on your infographic and references provided as appropriate. Your last slide should contain your references in APA format.

Your infographics should be developed and completed in the Unit 8 Team Assignment Template. You may use the course Team Area to communicate, share ideas and documents, and finalize your Team Assignment Template. This will give your team a working area for this assignment.

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